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Our Story


Our Story

Dr. David Park's passion for healing began in his childhood, where he discovered his innate talent for Biofield Energy Healing. In 1983, he obtained his certification as a Natural Medicine Practitioner.


Today, Dr. Park is a multifaceted practitioner, proficient in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and natural medicine. His focus lies in recognizing the interconnectedness of the human mind, emotions, energy circulation, and brain function, as they collectively contribute to overall well-being.


Through the awakening of our natural healing system and exploration of our inner dimensions, Dr. Park believes that we can both treat and prevent various health issues ourselves.


For decades, Dr. Park has dedicated himself to practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, metaphysics, Qi Gong, Doyin, Pa Kua Jang, Tai Chi, Kendo, and more. These disciplines have enriched his understanding and expertise in Eastern Asian Medicine (EAM), Taoist Medicine, Quantum Medicine, Information Energy Medicine, metaphysics in science, and neuroscience.


Dr. David Park's holistic approach extends beyond the mere treatment of diseases; he strives to perceive the entirety of the human being. His dedication to fine art and marathon training serves as additional methods of healing and nurturing.


As a pioneer in Neuroscience Acupuncture, Dr. Park is currently preparing to publish numerous theses and books, further sharing his extensive knowledge and groundbreaking insights.

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