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Whole Health Longevity method Scalar Nature Medicine is healing for existing disease,Prevention of future disorder, Rejuvenation, Disease-free Longevity and Self-ActualizationBy Dr. David Park

A. Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 3

Introduction… 4……………………………

Review of Literature 6

1 Cause of Disease 6

2. Inner Eco system 7

3.Emotion Management; 7

4 Mind Medicine ; 9

5 Scalar Do Hyun Gong 15;

6. Natural Medicine 21

7. Oriental Medicine 23

8. Bio Energy Healing ; 24

9. Attraction ; 28

10 Rejuvenation and Longevity 29

11 Brain Development 33

12 Life Medicine 44


Conclusion………………………………. 50

Works Cited………………………………52

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I could not undertaken this journey without Dr. Lynda R. Exley who instructed many

times continually with kind and generous manner.

I do sincerely appreciate her patience and support.

I have had over 4o masters and gurus in my life

I do deeply appreciate all of their efforts and teachings.

Also I do deeply express my gratitude to parents and my family , their belief in me has kept my

spirits and motivation.

Additionally I am grateful to my acquaintances and friends who support and help


Lastly I would also thank my opponent, teaser, ignores, insulter, someone who slender

me , they provided me the big challenge and inspiration. .

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I have been seeking for the Tao of life, what am I , who am I, where am I going to, how to find

genuine peace, in whole my life, went broad areas, met plenty people with trying so hundred


Finally I recognized that I could not get the answer unless I see in my inside as a true self.

I came this world to practice a living art through vivid experience with 6 sensory organs, and

then develop my soul to promote my spiritual level.

I have been trying to reach the enlightenment to get rid of my life suffering. The tremendous fails

of the enlightenment and getting the Tao of life, trained me much more humble, growing and

stronger than before.

In conclusion, I found the way to reduce pain physically mentally and spiritually, and to reach

whole health , happiness and self-actualization through this practice of the way.

This special practice to provide people for wellbeing quality life with economically, without

violent treatment, medication, severe side effect.

This is my goal of whole life and my mission for living. I called this practice "Ubermensch

Enlightenment Development Program"

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This is the essential brief note of my entire life practice. I hope it will be helpful anyone who

needs this practice.

This dissertation claims Scalar Nature Medicine is a medication-free, safe, economical, scienceevidenced,

natural life modality, consisting of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and

spiritual sections. The mechanism of this life method is to facilitate brain development through

the information energy frequency field, which reforms neuroplasticity, DNA repair, emotion

development, karma practice, and Mind medicine, which are all connected to Universal


This holistic wellbeing, natural method is a whole-health modality that has a high

voltage treatment benefit for natural self-healing, prevention of future disorder, rejuvenation,

disease-free longevity, self-actualization, and, finally, one's life change, followed by cause and

effect as the universal law: "You reap what you saw."

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Review of Literature

Scalar Nature Medicine consist of 12 parts including from the breathing method , diet ,

exercise, treatment methods , habit, life practice to the self actualization, spiritual healing and


The purpose of Scalar Nature Medicine practice is the well-being quality life with disease free

and stress free

1 Cause of Disease

There is many reason of disorder , such as the problem of energy flowing, emotion issue, genetic

origin issue, balance issue, trauma , infection, inner ecosystem condition, homeostasis issue,

diet, poisoning ,drug, environment issue, body electrical issue, radiation, immune system

neuropsychiatric origin, etc.

According to " the causes of disease", Encyclopedia of Britannica,.the most widely

used classifications of disease are (1) topographic, by bodily region or system, (2) anatomic, by

organ or tissue, (3) physiological, by function or effect, (4) pathological, by the nature of the

disease process, (5) etiologic (causal), (6) juristic, by speed of advent of death, (7)

epidemiological, and (8) statistical. Any single disease may fall within several of these

classifications.(britannica .n.d)

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To know the reason of the disorder is the key of resolve of the disease.

2. Inner Eco system

Depending on research, some said that triple to ten times more than our cell numbers is the the

number of microbes in our body. This complex ecosystem is crucial to our health, affecting many

processes including immunity, child development and bone density regulation. its influence on

brain and behavior and implications in both contributing to and treating various disorders. (Ricki

Rusting 2019)

However most people over look about this inner eco system including wester medicine For

instance, Seborrhoeic dermatitis is related gut condition such as microflora, this connected the

line of gut - brain skin axis. Many of wester medicine treats only skin, as a symptomatic

treatment. As a result the symptom come back over and over again.

We are trying to treat the source of disorder as well as the symptom treatment.

3. Emotion Management;

Emotion is the most forceful power engine in human system. Especially negative feeling,

anger, jealousy are evil perception. bomb to damage whole human's health stability

In the other hand, enthusiasm competition, love are mighty driving force, has goal orientation

with development factor.

Therefore the emotion therapy is effective method not only psychiatric disorder , but also

many physical disease

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Seligman’s PERMA+ Model Explained: A Theory of Wellbeing said that the PERMA+ model

and the theory of wellbeing, and provide practical ways to apply its components in your private

practice or personal life.

This Article Contains. P – Positive Emotion

E – Engagement, R – Positive Relationships, M – Meaning, A – Accomplishments/

Achievements. ( Mellisse Madison Feb 2017)

Also I would like to introduce the emotional intelligence. According to Harvard Business

School, Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to understand and manage your own

emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around you. The term was

first coined in 1990 by researchers John Mayer and Peter Salovey, but was later popularized by

psychologist Daniel Goleman.It is typically broken down into four core competencies:

1. Self-awareness

2. Self-management

3. Social awareness

4. Relationship management

( Lauren Landry. 09.2022)

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To keep pleasant emotion under any circumstance is the best way to live successes. The practice

of emotion management is to maintain “AHA” moment, Enlightenment, Eureka, Orgasm,

Euporism elation joyousness delight glee excitement exhilaration animation jubilation exultation

ecstasy bliss apture rhapsody transport, cloud nine all the time as much as possible

Happiness life is the moment process to avoid uncomfortable moment physically emotionally

spiritually. Look at the see of the desire within 10 minutes , can manage the time to the right

doing .

To make a right environment is the second strategy.

4 Mind Medicine ;

Relax is the basic Tao practice, it is the primary and essential condition to restore our functional

treatment and structural adjustment. Relax makes the best condition all our working

mechanism physically mentally spiritually especially energetically to reach a zero point energy

level which is the perfect healing station.

Myao clinic announced that "The benefits of relaxation techniques such as:,Slowing heart

rate,Lowering blood pressure, Slowing breathing rate, Improving digestion,Controlling blood

sugar levels, Reducing activity of stress hormone, Increasing blood flow to major muscles,

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Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, Improving focus and mood, Improving sleep quality,

Lowering fatigue, Reducing anger and frustration, Boosting confidence to handle problems

To get the most benefit, use relaxation techniques along with other positive coping methods, such

as: Thinking positively, Finding humor, Problem-solving, Managing time and priorities,

Exercising regularly,Eating a healthy diet, Getting enough sleep,Spending time outside,

Reaching out to supportive family and friends ( Mayo Clinic n.b)

The relax is the number one medication in the world.

Optimism is the second natural drug for life wellbeing. The Kidhealth reported that an

optimistic attitude helps us be happier, more successful, and healthier, can protect against

depression. An optimism makes people more resistant to stress and help people live longer.

They introduced the 6 methods that how to be more optimistic.

1. Notice good things as they happen; . Write them down in a journal or keep track that you're

grateful for

2. Get in a habit of telling yourself specific things you can do to succeed. For example: "If I

study, I can get a better grade."

3.Don't blame yourself when things go wrong;. What does your inner voice say when things

don't go as planned? tell yourself: "I failed that test because I didn't study enough. I won't let that

happen next time!"

4.When something good happens, give yourself credit.;Think of what you did to make a good

outcome possible. Think of the strengths you used and how they helped you succeed.

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5 Remind yourself that setbacks are temporary.; As soon as something goes wrong, remind

yourself that it will pass — and come up with a plan for making that happen. For example: "My

SAT results aren't what I hoped, but I can study more and take the test again."

6. Notice how other people talk about themselves.; Are friends and family members optimistic

or pessimistic? For example, "I burned the hot dogs because I got distracted watching the dog

chase a squirrel around the backyard!"?

(Mary Gavin. n,d.)

Concentration is the nuclear bomb for effectiveness and successful life.

The BetterUp guides the beneficial presentation for the concentration , the title is "Give your

brain a workout: 10 concentration exercises to up your focus." The 5 benefits of concentration

exercises is that strengthening your brain's ability to focus leads to all sorts of benefits. Being

able to concentrate helps your mental health and self-esteem, and can also motivate you to set

new goals. When you know you can focus on the tasks you set out for yourself, you’ll feel

powerful.These are some of the benefits that accompany practicing concentration exercises:

1.Trust in your abilities: You can feel confident

2.Greater self-confidence: With more ability to focus, you’ll accomplish more, faster.

3.Coping with complexity: Your concentration exercises will help you manage even tricky,

complex tasks.

4.Strengthens emotional regulation: Concentrating helps mindfulness, which in turn helps you

understand and control your emotions.

5.Helps boost your performance:

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Here is the 10 exercises to improve your concentration. As you can see, exercise improves

concentration alongside a greater sense of self-awareness.. Stick with the methods that work for

you. Here are 10 concentration exercises to try:

1;Take a cold shower to make your brain and body more alert

2.Practice concentration meditation exercises, like mindful breathing

3.Read long-form pieces of work at a slow, deliberate pace.

4.Use flashcards to practice memorizing and recalling information.

5. Make an effort to sit still as you do things that don’t require movement, like listening to


6. Play a counting game where you skip numbers as you count down from 100 or count words on

a page.

7.Spend time visualizing an object and then describing it in detail.

8.Complete crossword puzzles or sudoku.

9.Create a to-do list of tasks or goals you want to accomplish.

10 learn new concepts or theories that focus you think hard.

Here is the 6 tips for practicing concentration exercises. If you're unsure how to practice your

exercises or you're having a hard time doing so, review these tips:

1. Fuel yourself with food that'll energize you to concentrate

2. Find an environment to do your exercises with minimal distractions

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3. Begin by taking deep breaths and making yourself comfortable

4. Practice one exercise at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself

5. Try your best to be patient, and trust your process

6. Start by devoting five minutes to your exercises, then increase your time slowly

"4 concentration exercises you can do at work"

Here are four examples of concentration exercises to try at work: 1. Bring puzzles like a Rubik's

Cube to do during lunch breaks. 2. Practice attentive listening during meetings. 3. Write and

recite a purpose statement for your work each day.

4. Take a moment to focus on relaxing each part of your body ( Maggie Wooll, August 30, 2022 )

Detox and Cleansing is the fundamental practice to cultivate your mind and soul. During the

experiment and experience for the four decades , the Gratitude is the most powerful cleanser in

our mind.

Gratitude all the time until to be a main habit, it will be ready to develop our spiritual level as

well as upscale mind health level.

Many people are suffering for the past episode.

In scientology church uses reset of their trauma,

In Dianetics and Scientology, Clear is a status afforded to followers by the Scientology

organization, or by other Scientologists, after they complete certain activities. It is one of the

major ostensible "states" practitioners strive to reach on their way up what the Scientologists call

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the Bridge to Total FreedomReset; Self Hypnosis. ( Dianetics n.p)

( scientology

It is so practical method based on the testimony of the scientology followers

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is beneficial practice based on my experience and

testimonies of others.

The PubMed article "Mindfulness-based stress reduction: a non-pharmacological approach for

chronic illnesses" describes that

This therapy is a meditation therapy, though originally designed for stress management, it is

being used for treating a variety of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer,

diabetes mellitus, hypertension, skin and immune disorders.All the 18 studies in this systemic

review showed that the results of these researches indicate that MBSR improves the condition

of patients suffering from chronic illnesses and helps them cope with a wide variety of clinical


In conclusion MBSR has not only treatment effect of disease, but also very effective working

the mind management

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5. Scalar Do Hyun Gong ;

Scalar Do Hyun Gong has 12 basic sections, 18 specific sections with 110 basic forms if you

following this practice based on this protocol, you will get tremendous benefit with in two


I could not explain 18 specific sections and the 110 forms here due to the too much quantity.

Here is the the basic 12 sections below that .

The first part is breathing which has functional work between physical body and mind body.

Deep slow gentle breathing within 6 times per minute using lower abdomen is required at the

beginning. Then focus on one's Dan Chen , center of sole, 11 chakras.

The stretching out with yawing and hands up needed when you wake up and sleeping time.

This method make a more intake of

oxygen.and the powerful benefit of Relax.

The second part is posture which provide the structural stability to work our body function.

In these days , using too much time for using the smart phone and computer devices make people

getting disorders caused by the posture.

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If someone has been a sedentary work, needed break time at least every 50 minutes.

Straight up with balanced posture and chest up is always give you a right space for the inner eco

system in our body.

The third part is Sphincter tighten exercise; The article "Anal Sphincter Exercises for people

with leakage from the bowel" guide that

Sit, stand or lie with your knees slightly apart. Tighten and pull up the sphincter muscles as

tightly as you can. Hold tightened for at least five seconds, then relax for about 4 seconds.

Repeat five times.( St Mark’s Hospital & Burdett Institute 2009)

It is not only beneficial for the Bowel incontinence or gas leakage , but also abdomen area

rebuilding effect , good for the small intestine, large intestine, kidney, bladder, reproductive

organs etc, a aspect of oriental medicine. If you combined this Sphincter tighten exercise with

the breathing exercise , the efficiency will be more that double.

The fourth part is that acu- meditation which can manage of mind, body and breathing. Put the

acupuncture needle by your self on the center of head (around of DU 20) and put another two

needles along side of the center line 1 cm distance.

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Just this simple thing, you can distinguish the change of your vitality between before and after.

Then do meditation from time to time, whenever have a slot time such as waiting time, bath

room, eating time, walking time, etc.

The fifth practice is that lower your brain wave frequency. The raw EEG has usually been

described in terms of frequency bands: Gamma greater than 30(Hz) BETA (13-30Hz), ALPHA

(8-12 Hz), THETA (4-8 Hz), and DELTA(less than 4 Hz).

This practice need basically alpha mode, but when needed a concentration shift to the Beta



MENTAL STATE", provide the method of maintain the alpha mode below that

"Regular meditation has been shown to increase alpha waves – your relaxation brain waves —

and reduce beta waves – the brain waves of active thought and learning. That’s why it’s most

commonly recommended for reducing stress. Deep breathing and closed-eye visualization –

techniques that mindfulness meditation usually employs – also boost alpha waves.

Besides relaxation, alpha waves may also help boost creativity and thereby act as a natural antidepressant

by promoting the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

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Another way to boost your alphas, surprisingly, is to do high-intensity workouts. Not only do

they release endorphins that give that exercise “high”, but they also promote alpha waves as you.

rest."(Karuna Meda November 26, 2019)

Sixth part is the energy escalation practice.

To make a smile, gratitude , satisfaction, optimism, exciting, happiness, fun, compassion,

forgiveness ,be in someone's shoes, patience, emptiness, think feeling good . All of this practice

will make you ease and calling a good luck.

Seventh moving fast which is not only speed function , but also brain body total comprehensive

functional development

According to " The secret to training speed is moving faster than you did before." ,

There are great benefits to moving quickly that are very important.Your brain has to learn that it

is possible to go faster - that there is a new "gear" to be explored, they are now training becomes


How do you accomplish this? Understanding how to train inputs that result in a faster output is


This is where the brain-based approach rules.

Adequate recovery time in between sets is key and keeping repetitions extremely low is


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( Taylor Kruse, April 17.2027)

Eighth do practice the forms slowly and concentration flowing

Scalar Do Hyun Gong has basically 110 forms and hundred applied forms which is come from

some martial arts Qi gong Tai chi, some Taoests, family secrets moving meditation but some of

them creative by myself . The main purpose is that smooth flowing blood circulation, increasing

physical function and energy level, enhance immune system , vital metabolism, develop

mentality and brain development.

Ninth body temperature practice with exercise, hot bath, cold shower sauna hitting water

system. The famous immune system researcher Toru Abo. Said that " If the body temperature

down 1 degree, your immune system function will down over 30 %. To increase body

temperature is potent enhancement method of the immune system. In the other hand, from time

to time, we need cool down body temperature to strength the immune system and metabolism.

According to Scientific proof cold therapy, Wim Hof is capable of extraordinary things, such as

standing in a container filled with ice cubes and running a half marathon in the snow on his bare

feet. In recent years, several scientists have performed controlled experiments to proof the

powers of the Wim Hof Method and to unravel the mechanisms behind it. In a study carried out

by the Radboud University, followers of the Wim Hof Method and non-followers were both

exposed to a pathogen, while being closely monitored. The participants that practiced the Wim

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Hof Method showed an increased immune response and fewer symptoms of diseases. In another

experiment, Wim himself was closely monitored in a cold environment and in a neutral

environment. The results of this particular study showed that Wim’s levels of brown adipose are

very high for a man of his age, but only when measured in a cold environment. Many more

studies are currently conducted to expose the effects of the Wim Hof Method in areas such

as stress, metabolism, and inflammation.( Wim Hof method.


Tenth, do all joint exercise every single day.

The article "The Importance of Joint Mobility" explained through the title "The Importance of

Joint Mobility to Accompany Your Strength Training Program." Mobility of a joint is

important to allow better efficiency of these joints so that their movements are not compromised

and joints need to be strong so that they move better and in the right position.

Joints have cartilage that provide articular surfaces for shock absorption so that bones are

protected when there is a load placed on them. They have ligaments that provide passive support

as well as a dense fibrous capsule made out of many collagen fibers that encase the joint and not

only provides static support but also provide a type of torque (wind up action) of the joint to help

provide a transfer of load to muscles during movement.

(.Demansky et al. Jun 12, 2015 )

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In oriental medicine view, many of disease come from joints malfunction such as neck, arm joint,

elbow, wrist, finger joints, hip joints, knees, ankles, toe joints etc.

Elevenths. Do Shimmy Drill.

The article of Mayo Clinic, "Is whole-body vibration a good way to lose weight and improve


as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss,

burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build

strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol

(Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.April 12, 2022)

Twelves do EFT Tapping every morning right after when wake up.. EFT tapping is an

alternative acupressure therapy treatment used to restore balance to your disrupted energy. It's

been an authorized treatment for war veterans with PTSD, and it's demonstrated some benefits as

a treatment for anxiety, depression, physical pain, and insomnia.(Kiara Anthony December


6. Natural Medicine

This Natural medicine has 20 modalities basically which is Diet therapy , Sleeping therapy,

Hot half bath, Massage, Sun therapy, Energy functional water therapy, Amethyst therapy, Art

therapy, Aroma therapy,Meta Physics in Science, Infra red, Amethyst Therapy Infra red ray

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therapy. Spiritual therapy, Medical Meditation, Life Consultation Therapeutic exercise, Sound

therapy ,Writing therapy, Imagine therapy.

Hippocrates is the one usually credited with applying this idea to medicine.

On the Nature of Man, describes the theory as follows:The Human body contains blood, phlegm,

yellow bile and black bile. These are the things that make up its constitution and cause its pains

and health.

The founder of the western medicine,

Hippocrates is the pure natural medicine practitioner, after the small pox vaccine invented by

Edward Jenner in 1796, the western medicine started as a segmented medicine, they see only

art of body and focus on the symptom instead of the whole picture , as a result the human is

gone, remains disease.

To see only wood, not to see the forest made over 10,000 disease names, they can cure only 500

diseases , according to The Pinocchio Test;

"Sometimes advocacy groups run into credibility problems when they hype the statistics. As long

as lawmakers avoid saying “cures,” that does not seem to be the case here. The focus is really on

rare diseases, but a credible case can be made that there are at least 10,000 diseases in the world,

though there is likely more. And there are a bit over 500 treatments. So, as far as round numbers

go, 10,000 diseases/500 treatments works as a talking point.( Glenn Kessler November 17,


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Natural medicine is our asset from the our ancestors through accumulation clinical natural


Because, if the method is not working or harmful for the human, the method was gone, due to

hundred of methods are using as a competition state during over 50,000 years human history.

Therefore Natural Medicine is the answer for completing of the lack of the western medicine

7 Oriental Medicine is originated from Taoism, basic principle is that maintain balance as a

homeostasis and equilibrium through Yin and Yang ,Wu xing, the five circuit phases and the six

atmospheric influences

The main modalities are Acupuncture, E-Stim Micro-needling . Herbal medicine Moxibustion

Cupping Tui-na; and Therapeutic Touch

Quasha etc

The Oriental medicine has over 2,000 years history, a part of a natural medicine but very well

organized theory and system than other natural medicine.

Scalar Nature Medicine has a specific magical acupuncture point selection combined De Qi,

Scalar energy healing and herbal medicine.

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Depending on the disease and symptoms, we should select a right modality, it is the primary

choice for the excellent treatment, because there are a no panacea in the world, only existing the

right treatment method for the disorder.

8. Bio Energy Healing has many different kind of practical methods , but the fundamental

concept is the same, it is called Information Energy Zero Point Energy, Space Energy

Field,Universal Energy, Quantum energy healing, Bio Energy Healing, etc.

According to "An Overview of Energy Healing Techniques"; Energy healing is an ancient

practice found in cultures and creeds throughout history. There are a few basic assumptions that

lay the groundwork for energy-based healing modalities:

• Practitioners believe that in addition to our physical body, we have an energetic body (or

even multiple energetic bodies);

• Physical symptoms arise when the subtle energy that flows through and around the body

is disrupted

• By manipulating the subtle energy of a patient, the patient’s self-healing abilities are


• There are many, many forms of energy healing — in fact, the National Center of

Complementary and Integrative Health identifies more than 200 approaches — but today,

briefly explore just 20 of these Hands-on Healing

Common techniques that involve physical touch include:

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BodyTalk™. Based on the idea that the body is innately wise and can heal itself, BodyTalk™

fuses ancient Chinese medicine, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation with neuroscience,

epigenetics, and neurolinguistic programming.

Healing Touch. , the power of compassionate presence on critically ill patients to perform a

session, practitioners to stimulate the patient’s self-healing capabilities..

Polarity Therapy. involves lifestyle choices, Ayurvedic-inspired diet, and bodywork techniques.

PT holds that an omnipresent energy flows through the universe and flows through the human


.Magnet Therapy. . Therapeutic magnets are placed on certain regions of the body, close to

meridian points,

Quantum Touch. Is light touching, breathing techniques, and body awareness meditations

Reflexology. It involves applying pressure to different parts of the body to relieve pain anywhere

in the body and sometimes overlaps with massage.

Reiki. channels that universal energy to facilitate a self-recovery response. Reiki is also

sometimes practiced from a distance.

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Therapeutic Touch. hands held 2-6 inches from the body and “clearing” areas where energy

feels congested.

No-Touch Healing

Common techniques that do not involve physical touch include:

Intercessory Prayer. Agents of intercessory prayer are often practitioners of Christianity

.Johrei. to “purification of the spirit.” visualizing a healing white light from the universe and

using a hand to channel the light to the recipient.

Pranic Healing. visually scanning the patient’s aura and chakras for blockages. Once a blockage

has been identified, the practitioner accumulates prana and envisions sending it in specific colors

to the recipient.

Reconnective Healing. attunement process that is performed only once in a lifetime by a

facilitator who never physically touches the patient throughout the session.

Sound Healing. a recipient lies down and relaxes. At the same time, a practitioner applies sound

over various points in their body, including the chakras.

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Spiritual/Psychic/Shamanic Healing. ingest psychoactive plants. And while shamanic practices

vary widely, they all involve utilizing compassionate techniques and vivid mental imagery.

Qigong. physical postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and conscious focus of the mind to

improve the flow of qi. In external qigong, a practitioner projects their qi to the patient to treat


Vortex Healing (VH). through a channeling process located in the heart, which involves pulling

energy into the person, affecting their physical and emotional vibrational energetic system

through light-energy that flows into the healee’s vital web.

Bengston Energy Healing Method®. “cycling,” which represents rapid mental imaging that, in

effect, gets the mind of the practitioners “out of the way” so that healing energy can be

channeled to the recipient.

Thought Field Therapy. physical stimulation, such as tapping movements, while directing one’s

attention to specific psychological symptoms (such as traumatic memories).

Emotional Freedom Techniques.. EFT begins with making a statement about the negative

problem and then repeating self-affirming statements while tapping these points.

Tapas Acupressure Technique. applying pressure to various points in the body while directing

one’s consciousness toward physical, emotional, or ancestral trauma in need of healing.

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(Noetic https://.orgnoetic/blog/an-overview-of-energy-healing-techniques/ November 2, 2021)

Energy healing is the generated naturally everywhere in the world. The history of energy healing

is over 10,000 years almost similar as human life

9 Attraction ;

The books of attractions relative are more than hundreds in the world

The peak time is when published the secret in November in 2006

According to "Want To Learn More About The Law Of Attraction? Start With These 13 Books"

The law of attraction says that you attract whatever you're focusing on (both positive and

negative). As spiritual author Shannon Kaiser previously explained to mbg, "When we focus on

what we want versus what we don't want, it will show up in our life," adding, "We are all like

magnets, both reflecting and attracting what we hold in our thoughts."

The law of attraction is understanding that thoughts also require action to bring them into reality

(Sarah Regan April 26, 2022)

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The author introduced also the 12 universal laws such as Law of Divine Oneness, Law of

Vibration, Law of Correspondence,Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Cause and

Effect, Law of Compensation,Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm,Law of Gender

All our thought and feeling is imprinted in Subconscious, this Image, Feeling and experience

of the material of the coming reality

Many people tried the law of attraction , but many people complains about that their dream dose

not come true

Later the main cause of the reason is that many people want to realize their dream and same

time they do not believe or fear of the fail

Many research proved the negative emotion is always stronger than positive feeling. Therefore

the belief is the key of the success of the law of attraction.

10 Rejuvenation and Longevity

To be old is the one of disease, if practice sincerely human can not be old, also able to back to

young as a rejuvenation. When it comes to Longevity without disease, it is possible through the

Scalar Nature Medicine Practice.

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The key words of the secret of Rejuvenation and Longevity are Belief , Passion, Curiosity,

Optimism and Executive Power.

The first step is clean up one's space

The book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" wrote that "Imagine having to organize

your home only once, and living happily ever after in a beautifully tidy space. This revolutionary

cleaning method that promises to help you."

(Marie Kondo. December 27, 2010)

The second step is that to be a minimalist

The book "The Joy of Less" wrote that

"this minimalist guide to simplifying and decluttering your home and your life. This practical

and lighthearted method will inspire you to find happiness by creating a more serene life."

(Francine Jay, June 25, 2010)

The third step is that curiosity and creation

The book " Big Magic" wrote that

"Love comes a wise exploration of creativity for anyone who’s ever longed to live a more

vibrant, inspired, and fulfilling life. This unique guide cracks open a world of wonder and joy

tofind the courage to live creatively."

(Elizabeth Gilbert.September 22, 2015)

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The fourth step is that meditation

The book " Organized Simplicity" wrote that

"There’s no better way to be happy than to live an intentional meditation as you’ll discover

when you crack open and get the inspiration This thoughtful meditation on modern life will

encourage anyone who feels short on time and purpose." (Tsh Oxenreider November 21, 2010)

The fifth step is the change of your habit

The book " Better Than Before" explained that

"Through changing our habits. And how do we change our habits? The Happiness Project,

tackles this question with candor, humor, and, of course, wonderfully practical

advice."( Gretchen Rubin March 17, 2015)

The six step is to learn from the fail.

The book "Rising Strong" teaches Fall. Get up. Try again." That’s the inevitable pattern of life,

and we can learn something about ourselves from it.The rising strong from failure is the most

powerful thing we can do and guides us on a path toward a braver, more wholehearted life."

( Brené Brown August 25, 2015)

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The seven step is try optimizing life instead of perfect life. The book "Carry On, Warrior" said

that "Hilarious, moving, and profoundly personal, this candid reflection on the messiness of

motherhood, marriage, and friendship reminds that we are not alone. With honesty and great

warmth, to stop trying to live perfectly, and start living bravely and kindly instead."

(Glennon Doyle Melton April 8, 2014)

The eight step is following this research method sincerely including breathing exercise,

posture, Scalar Do hyun gong, Emotion management,

laughing, Rhythm, Energy Healing, Emptiness, Enlightenment life medicine , etc.

The nine step is maintain Relax Ease Optimism Alpha wave state with flowing ( immersion )

during the daily living.

The ten step is that if you have a illness use all medicines depending on a situation for

instance, Western medicine which has efficiency for diagnosis and emergence treatment ,

Oriental medicine which has efficiency for chronic disease, alternative medicine and natural

medicine which has efficiency for incurable disorder and life ailments

The eleven steps is that avoid medication as much as possible, the drug destroy and degrading

our natural healing system in the long term of view. End up this is the main cause of death.

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The ideal suggestion is that use the medication only emergence state or temporary situation ,

after that period there is plenty of modalities in alternative medicine world.

The book " Rejuvenation and longevity" emphases that the first step in attaining rejuvenation

and longevity is to bring the body into a state of perfect health. This is done with the absence of

any pharmaceutical drugs which on their part are designed to degrade our health. You will see

that the acquisition and maintenance of excellent health is crucial to both objectives.

(Fombong Matty Fru sept. 5 2019)

11 Brain Development

Bio-Energy Brain Development Therapeutic Methods (BEBDTM ) designed by myself for

decades. Brain Science is the most practical for our brain development.

Dream, Emotion, Perception, Thought, Memory, Imagination, Sensation, Mobility are all about

brain activities. To enhance the brain functional ability can increase our life quality


The secret of brain development practice is speed, power, accurate, desperation. High speed is

the rejuvenation The only speeder can enjoy the slow.

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The view of Bio- Energy function in brain, it can say a sentence "the everything is the energy "

by Einstein.

Qi as "energy" the character qi (氣) inevitably flows from their brushes. ” ( Manfred Porkert )-

All material is the energy at subcomponents of quarks level by quantum theory; energy and

material changeable , elemetary paricle observer effect ( quantum physics )

Empty space is also energy itself; the incomprehensible entity -universe is the emptiness but

there is a something (Buddha)

Qi is existing everywhere in the universe, NO matter WHAT organic or non-organic, material or

non-material and space or non-space

Swami Muktananda said that " The Self, Shiva is most pure and is in you with

experience of twinkling."

Bio- Energy function in brain is essential of Health condition in brain. Also the blockage of the

bio energy flowing in brain is the cause of brain disease

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The bio energy has electronic function in brain which facilitate NEUTRO mechanism in brain,

as a result it makes a sequence reaction of hormone management as well as emotional

mechanism in brain.

B Structural view in brain ;

Geographical brain issue directly affects, Emotion , Vision , speaking , somatic function,

memory function , sensory function and spiritual function

C Inner Eco System in brain

In the Brain world has a microbial flora, Structure environment, Blood circulation

Genetic condition, History of Trauma

Emotional state, oxygen state, toxin condition, Nutritional supplement and Spiritual


D. Cosmetic issue in brain -

Holistic Natural Health Cosmetic Treatment

This brain treatment affects Face rejuvenation Hair restoration, Eye vision, Skin care, Auto

immune disorder, Flat belly program.

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E. Brain disorder possible improvement through natural medicine. treatment by imperial record

such as Dementia, Addition, Stroke, impulse control disorder, schizophrenia sleeping disorder,

autism, spiritual disorder ,Optic nerve damage

functional psychosomatic disorder; irritable bowel syndrome, tension type headache, chronic

fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia, Neurological disabilities include a wide range of disorders,

such as epilepsy, learning disabilities, neuromuscular disorders, autism, ADD, brain tumors, and

cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis.

F. Fundamental Brain development

Bio energy functional management - Bio electric function ,Blood circulation enhancement ,

Neuro mechanism development , Hormone Management

Structural reformation , spinal fluid CFS

spinal cord.

G. Functional Brain Development

1. Consciousness development

2. Memory function development

3. Vision

4. Speaking

5. Somatic

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6. Behavior control

7. Addition

8. Spiritual issue

9. Energy

10. Metabolism

11. Pain relief

12. Auto immune system

13. Fatigue

14. Weigh control

15. Skin issue

16. Hair issue

H Brain Development Revolution Treatment

1. Bio Energy Healing Method

2. Metaphysics Science

3. Acupuncture

4. Herbal therapy

5. Tuina

6. Cupping

7. Moxibustion

8. Infra red ray & LED therapy

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9. Hot Amethyst Therapy;Gua Sha Natural Stone Massager Spa Hot Stones Gouache Scraper

Electric Heating Guasha Relieve Stress Back Massager Pain Relief

10. GemsMat Amethyst 8 Multi Stones Heating Therapy Mat 72"L x 24"W FAR Infrared

PadSteam bath, sit, face

11. Ultra supersonic therapy

I Brain Development Natural aTherapy

1. Tea therapy

2. Food therapy

3. Sleeping therapy

4. Metaphysic science

5. Scalar Do hyun gong ;

6. Medical qi gong

7. Art Therapy

8. Calligraphy Therapy

9. Writing Therapy

10. Running therapy

J ZEN- ACU program

1. Oxygen

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2. Water

3. Nutrition ; Food

4 Tea

5 Posture

6 Mind set- stress management

7 relax

8 concentration


10 Environment

11 Exercise

12 Calmness

13 Gratitude

14 Satisfaction

15 Presence

18 Moderation

19 Leisurely

20 Confidence

21 Emotion management; good feeling

22 Belief

23 Bio energy practice

24 Hobby

25 Enjoy life

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26 Gut health enhancement

27. Medical meditation

K Brain development 12 practices

1.Vegas exercise ;

The vagus nerve can also be stimulated by massaging several specific areas of the body.

You don’t have to be controlled by your body and mind. You have the power to tell them what to


By stimulating the vagus nerve, you can send a message to your body that it’s time to relax and

de-stress, which leads to long-term improvements in mood, wellbeing and resilience. Increasing

my vagal tone has allowed me to overcome anxiety and depression, and better manage them

when they arise.

Overall, I hope you implement some of the above steps into your daily life, and they allow you to

live more optimally.

2. Cold water

3 Breathing

4. Sound Parctice; Singing, Humming, Chanting and Gargling

5. Probiotics

6. Meditation

7. Omega3

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8. Massage ; Foot massages (reflexology) have been shown to increase vagal modulation and

heart rate variability, and decrease the “fight or flight” sympathetic response, Massaging the

carotid sinus, an area located near the right side of your throat, can also stimulate the vagus nerve

to reduce seizures

9. Socializing laughing

10 Coping strategy Practice

L. Brain Development Natural Therapy;

Scalar Do hyun gong ; posture-breathing-meditation, energy transform

1. Do Exercise, try to be fast as much as you can; walking running kendo swimming

2, Dancing

Do dance , to move fast shift a point of view of conscious , and shed endorphin to upscale

mood. The more sky high, the more happier due to the wave frequency changed ,

3 Music

4 Painting

5 Food;

6 Tea

7 Nature

8 Word

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9 Thinking

10 Good memory

11Meta cognition

12 Meditation

13 Imagination

14 Feeling

15 Passion enthusiasm

16 Change DNA; DNA has a frequency , if the frequency change, DNA will be changed

17 Motivation movie

18 Wine

19 Love

20 Gratitude diary

21 Gove to others

22 Do different action or subject; Do different action makes your brain function will be changed.

23 Aware your emotion and thought

25 Aroma


Ministers/Bachelor’s Degree Modules.1 explained that " this is the powerful method in our

conscious infiltrate to sub consciousness level enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your


(Ministers/Bachelor’s Degree Modules. 1)

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26 Do Yoga, Qi gong Ken do, Martial arts

27 Deep breathing

28 Drink Energy imprinted water

The book‘Hidden Messages from water, written by Masaru Emoto advancing

the pseudoscientific idea that the molecular structure of water is changed by the presence

of human consciousness nearby, backed by "exhaustive and wildly unscientific

research" claiming to back this conjecture.

29 Do Mudra”

30. Do Trampoline

31 Do.ho-o-pono-pono

32 Do skin ship frequently as much as you can

The American Psychosomatic Society announced that due to just do skin ship will reduce the

stress level, increase frequency wave level.

The original experiment, as Ananthaswamy notes, was classical, conducted by British polymath

Thomas Young in the early 1,800s to show that light is a wave. He passed light through two

closely spaced parallel slits in a screen, and on the far side saw several bright

effect. This is the famous double slit experiment

This means even the subatomic particles are affected by observers This is the one of example

thought has a power.

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Nikola Tesla said that "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms

of energy, frequency and vibration."

(Quota . n.p.)

12 Life Medicine Development


Life Medicine means whole our living activity is the practice medicine including Diet, bath,

sleeping , Habit, verbal practice, writing practice. walking- jogging, etc.

1.Physical Plan

Oil fulling is the best method for the detox including food toxin, heavy metals.

Scalar Do Hyun Gong, Zen Yoga Nagra, Kik sen do, all moving exercise are also good example

of the physical program.

Especially, to do train martial has a specific effect for physical mental and spiritual power

enhancement as well we Qi and blood circulation, strongly recommend Tai chi, Kendo, Kung

Fu, Ki chen moon, Hap Ki do, etc.

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2 Energy Plan

Breathing exercise , medical qi gong, energy healing sun and moon energy absorption, singing

are the good methods of the energy program.

3 Emotion plan

Practice of optimism, Ho-o-pono-pono, Hobby Therapy are the good for the emotion program.

4 Consciousness Plan

To make a goal and do many times as a 10,000 Repetition rule , build up great Habit,

affirmation writhing practice are great for the Consciousness Program.

5 Sub Consciousness Plan

Dream practice, meditation, mantra, art therapy are beneficial for the Sub Consciousness


6 Spiritual Plan

Spiritual Scalar Naturism has a broad concept for peaceful living life art including

Spiritual Power training, Spiritual level upgrading practice, Art of living, Living with God,

Enlightenment method , the art of dying well. The ghost disorder treatment, Belief of Scalar

Nature True Self Oneness and the universal law etc.

The one of essential practice is the Ubermensch Development Program.

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The first step of this practice is the rest in mind at all , the second step is release all life matters

including evert thinking , the third step is entrust all my concern, difficulties, dreams, goals,

challenges, fear, anxiety to the Oneness the firth step is to feel the emptiness as the True-self ,

the final step is to conflate the universe as the Scalar Nature.

It will be merge the Tao which is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining

within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in

harmony with the natural order. The interpretation of Tao in the Tao-te-Ching developed into

the philosophical religion of Taoism.

The 4 Paths of Yoga is the one of peaceful life living art. In life we can act, we can think, we can

feel, or we can do nothing. To act is Karma Yoga, to think is Gyana Yoga, to feel (love) is Bhakti

Yoga, and to do nothing completely is Samadhi—the final step of Raja Yoga and goal of all Yoga

and the .practice of Vedanta is the one of way for the spiritual program. (Chopra , https://

The genuine Practice is the Experience True-self

Metaphysics taught us experience of inner mind

"By whatever name may be used to describe it, the key to understanding the workings of the

mind (and subsequently the reality of individual and collective life) lies in the experience of

one’s innermost mind.

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The actual meaning of being “Born Again” is in the MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE of this state of

consciousness. An individual is mentally reborn through a DIRECT EXPERIENCE of what can

only be described as a DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS when compared to the usual conscious life

activity of the average person.

The work of the Metaphysician is to bring knowledge of this Inner Mind to others. Truly, a

person can be transformed into a better, more aware, more loving and productive individual

through such an experience. All lesser practices of metaphysics should have this inner experience

as the ultimate goal.

Christ explained it to his disciples this way: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all

things will be added to you.”

The Kingdom of Heaven, metaphysically speaking, is not an after-death place, but this Higher

Inner Mind into which a person may enter and commune, and become One with the Infinite


Christ taught people that “The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now,” and “The Kingdom of

Heaven is within you.”

(Paul Leon. 2016)

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Most people are suffering from daily life

Although when they are in good condition ,it will be fear for the condition is not forever

which is true. This un-satisfaction is variety with hundred different sources.

However, we can not control our condition and environment , but we are able to manage our


Therefore we can sustain our stability through this art of living skill. This is one of liberal art


If we expand our science to whole life with flexible sight of view, we can do reach our paradise

in the reality not the heaven after death.

This is the memorable achievement in human history. Nevertheless our real life is not utilize the

treasure for our living for the several reason.

I would like to suggest some points to spread this method for the well-being life.

First of all, there is no free lunch.

We have to practice daily continually

Second abandon the bias or Fram

This is not a important white cat or black cat, the important thing is the best cat is the very good

at catching a mouse.

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Western medicine , Eastern medicine, Religion dogma , Cultural Barrier, whether scientific

evidence enough or not , all of limitation have restricted our miracle practice.

Modern Science theory has been developing all the time. There is no fixed theory as a truth in

science or medical field.

Morden medical system has establishing just 228 years since the small pox vaccine invented

by Edward Jenner in 1796. Whatever many of natural medicine has not enough proved by the

standard of modern science , they have over 5,000 years history with little side effect , but great

benefit , in this case we can use through the traditional protocol.

Because over 5000 years critical history with the over hundred million people empirical

experience is the most high value scientific evidence which the benefit and safety of this

medicine in human history.

We have tremendous life wisdom, medicine, living secret , seclusion longevity exercise, food

remedy, spiritual solution, emotion methods, purification, brain development ,etc.

Our goal is to get a plenty benefit through this practice such as healing current disease,

prevention future disorder, to get art of happiness, to reach the self actualization , rejuvenation,

longevity, natural cosmetic benefit is the by product of this practice.

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This is my life practice which has been developing for my whole life still it is ongoing process.

Many people have a benefit from this program

However many of them did not practice continually.

They tried it only during the disease state.

Therefore I am trying to design more fun and beneficial program at each step.

Also created to learn easily with low effort and great advantage daily. It will be also acquired

as a good habit.

My strategy is a salami program for each goals.

On behalf of Scalar Nature Medicine practitioner , I will recommend below.

1. Have a goal such as cure diseases, build up perfect health constitution, weight loss, natural

beauty etc

2. Do start right now

3. Practice a small thing, then record it, compare the effect between before and after

4 award your self when achieve a small task, for instance give a gift, compliment, blag your

loved one

5 Give others such as family or friends ; when teach this natural method to other, you will

improve your level and technique , also get a self confidence

6 Get a benefit at each practice ; if you did not get it, you are in wrong way , back to the


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7, Have a strong belief which has been practicing and proven for a long period for this

practice , the sincere belief is the short course to achieve your goal.

The most of this method have used over 5,000 years with plenty benefit no side effect.

The scientific evidence will be accumulated step by step ceaselessly. But the empirical history

is the most valuable evidence for this practice, even more than lab experiment.

Although this is not perfect , ceaseless this method will evolve to the ideal practice method.

This natural medicine and life style is human's asset, most of come from our ancestors, some of

them has near 10,000 year history, remain of them transferred from other practitioners and my

whole life experience.

This article is the first written practice paper in my life. Therefore even though I did my best

for writing this paper with put in my soul, there is not enough and many fault at this time.

However, I will consistently upgrade my article as a series of the research papers.

Hopefully, next time I want to experiment research with control group for this topic.

This is the best way to get the data evidence.

I hope this practice research paper will aid anyone who want to get a well-being quality life.

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An Overview of Energy Healing Techniques

Experience & Engagement Team


November 2, 2021

The causes of disease

Page 52 of 58

Ricki Rusting

The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem. 2/4/19

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Healthy Lifestyle

Stress management

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KidsHealth / For Teens / Optimism

Page 53 of 58

By Maggie Wooll August 30, 2022 -

Maggie WoollGive your brain a workout: 10 concentration exercises to up your focus

N Am J Med Sci. 2011 Jan; 3(1): 20–23. doi: 10.4297/najms.2011.320

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Author: St Mark’s Hospital nursing team Date for review: May 2011

St Mark’s Hospital & Burdett Institute 2009

Anal Sphincter Exercises for people with leakage from the bowel



Scientific proof cold therapy

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Michael Dermansky | Jun 12, 2015 | Clinical Exercise, Pilates and Strength and Conditioning | 0

comments"The Importance of Joint Mobility"

EFT Tapping

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD — By Kiara Anthony — Updated on

September 18, 2018

"An Overview of Energy Healing Techniques"

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By Sarah Regan

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What is the law of attraction?13 best books

April 26, 2022

The 12 Universal Laws & How To Practice Them

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Rejuvenation and longevity Sept. 5 2019

Marie Kondo. December 27, 2010

"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

Francine Jay, June 25, 2010

"The Joy of Less"

Elizabeth Gilbert.September 22, 2015

" Big Magic"

Tsh Oxenreider November 21, 2010

Organized Simplicity"

Page 56 of 58

Gretchen Rubin March 17, 2015

" Better Than Before" explained that

Brené Brown August 25, 2015

"Rising Strong"

Glennon Doyle Melton April 8, 2014

"Carry On, Warrior"

Everything is Energy - Einstein Quote | Anthony Meindl's Actor ... › blog › we-all-have-an-...

qi as "energy" the character qi (氣) inevitably flows from their brushes. ” -

Manfred Porkert -

Philip Ball 07 August 2018

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Two slits and one hell of a quantum conundrum



articles/the-4-paths-of-yoga.June 23, 2016

( Glenn Kessler November 17, 2016)


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